Washington State Receives $900K SBA Grant

Did you know that the Washington State Department of Commerce has received a business grant from the U.S. Small Business Administration? This is an 8-year of funding aimed at boosting small business exports. To know more about the topic and discover exceptional ACH business loans to grow your business, just follow the lines below.

Washington Receives Business Financing: ACH Business Loans

The State has recently received a $900K SBA grant that’s designed to help small businesses grow through international trading. The grant makes up part of the SBA’s State Trade Expansion Program or STEP. The latter is the top amount provided (from the total amount of $18 million) to 41 states.

According to Washington Commerce Director Dr. Lisa Brown, 1 in 3 jobs in Washington have to do with exports. Such financing plays a critical role in paving a path for their small businesses towards success. It’s also essential for creating jobs to make communities stronger.

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Boosting Small Business Exports  

In Washington, over 838 small businesses have taken advantage of nearly $5.7 million in STEP funds since 2010. This was the year when the program was launched through the Small Business Jobs Act.

They have gained more than $700 million in sales, thus having an estimated ROI (return on investment) of about 100:1. 177 of them are based in 25 rural Washington counties.

To sum up, Washington State has received a $900K SBA grant to help small business owners take their business to the next level via exports. To get financing for your business, consider applying to a respectable alternative online lender in your field.

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