Crield Masters its Mission

Crield Masters its Mission

We made our foray into the order fulfillment industry with a clear mission in mind. We wanted to make the supply chain process faster, cheaper and more efficient for business owners to meet the demands of their customers.

That vision has resulted in a company that now commands a leading role in the industry, and Crield continues to evolve and expand all opportunities to help our business clients succeed. Our “main goal was to create a better comprehensive experience for the customer.”

As a business owner seeking to get your products to market, we invite you to “take advantage of the incredible and creative breakthroughs we have developed.” Over the years, as technology has revolutionized operations, we have identified the most common issues facing our clients and developed ways to blunt them.


At Crield, which is owned by Star Transport Service, we adhere to a set of ironclad principles. We live by these benchmarks and apply them to how we deal with our partners and their customers.

They are:

  • Setting and meeting goals. This principle means that we will work with you to implement and execute your business goals, emphasizing getting results you want and growing your business footprint in the marketplace.
  • Running a professional operation. The overwhelming responsibility of our staff – from customer service to IT and management – is to ensure that you and your customers are happy with the services we provide. If you are not satisfied, we have failed in our mission.
  • The use of technology is embedded in all areas of our operations, making our business more efficient and profitable for you. Crield keeps up with new technology which allows us to be more competitive. Also, the addition of technology saves you from having to come up with financial resources to do it yourself.
  • Customer satisfaction is job one. You are the backbone of our business. Without you, we are not running a business. And because we depend on you, we work hard to impress you with quality service. “In our company, customer service is everybody‚Äôs job, and it will become obvious to you as you begin to deal with us,” Crield states on its website at
  • The need for speed. We are committed to getting to our client’s customers before the competition. We not only want to make sure we get to our clients’ customers doorsteps first: we want to deliver orders in one piece and error-free. Delays can lead to loss of customers and cost money. We process all orders with speed and accuracy.

Opportunity to Grow

At Crield, we value our commitment to help our clients spend less and make more money by expanding their businesses.

Our distributed warehouse network is one opportunity for growth. The distribution centers located nationwide store products from our clients and the site from which we process online orders. Our clients save on the costs, which includes processing and shipping.

These warehouses are free to you and are part of the overall order fulfillment service we offer our business clients. The only cost you will face for this service is paying for transporting products.