5 Qualities Of Effective Leaders

If you could gather 100 of the most effective leaders and analyze their character traits, you would find they have many qualities in common. They might be great leaders in their community, business, school or home. Their leadership skills draw others to them and influence them in a positive way.

1. Share Their Vision

Effective leaders see down the road; they look ahead to not only next week and next year, but they have a 10-year plan for their life and their company. They create a mission statement that clearly shares their vision with their team members. They enjoy working with others and appreciate the camaraderie that can be developed with their co-workers.

2. Continue Their Personal Development

Successful leaders evaluate areas they need to grow and ask for help. They look for corporate innovative consulting specialists to advise them in their individual growth. They set goals in all areas of their life in order to improve.

3. They Are Great Listeners

Have you had the opportunity to experience a deep conversation with someone who is giving you their full attention? Their phone is across the room instead of in their hand. They are turning towards you and nodding as you speak. They don’t interrupt to give their advice. They are not just a good listener – they are great! As the recipient of their full attention, you feel valued and respected.

4. Wisely Manage Their Time

Leaders value their time and respect the time of those around them. They aren’t late for their appointments and they certainly don’t forget their business commitments.  They have a balanced life because they reserve time in their schedule each day for self-reflection. They prioritize each goal and task and create their schedule accordingly. If they only get one thing done, it doesn’t matter — because it was the most important thing. Time management might seem to be their middle name, it appears so natural to them. But it might not have been easy at first; it just may be an acquired skill.

5. Positivity That Is Contagious

Do you enjoy being around some of your co-workers and family members more than others? We are often attracted to others who have something to contribute to the group and have the ability to turn around stressful situations. Being positive draws others to you, and makes work seem like fun. “Whistle while you work“ was Snow White’s advice and could benefit today’s world, as well.

The good news is that these leadership skills can be acquired. With practice, you can be more positive, too. Through personal reflection and growth, you can also be a great listener and manage your time.

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