Caregiving can be a daunting task, especially when done without a plan. Caregivers should take time to know the needs of their loved ones. After this, they should come with a strategic plan to ensure they meet all the needs of their loved ones.

One of the ways of making caregiving work easier is having lists of various needs of the loved one. These lists will reduce your stress, save you time, and be helpful to the care receiver. This article compiles seven lists that a caretaker should have.

Important Lists that Caregivers Should Have

As a caregiver, these seven lists will make your work easier and more effective:

Meal Planning List

A meal plan will save you the time and stress of deciding and asking your loved one what to eat. Take time to know the loved one’s preferred meals and create a list around them. You can set aside one day, preferably on Sunday, to create a meal plan for the week. If you’re super ambitious, create a monthly meal plan to save more time.

Running Grocery List

While making the weekly or monthly meal plan, write down all the grocery items you will need for the meals. The grocery list will ensure you always have the right ingredients for every meal. Furthermore, there will be less food wastage since everything on the list is accounted for.

Cleaning List

To avoid tasks piling up on you, create a daily list of all cleaning tasks to complete every day. Keep another list with not-so-often cleaning tasks that you do monthly, quarterly, or yearly like cleaning the garage.

Set aside 20-30 minutes daily for cleaning tasks and use a timer to avoid wasting time. Keep the list where it’s easily accessible, e.g., sticking it on the fridge.

Health Symptoms List

Having a list of when and how long a symptom occurs will make it easier for health officers to offer treatment/advice. On the list, note down if the symptom occurred after eating a certain food or after a certain activity like exercising on the power wheelchair. Also include the symptom frequency of occurring.

Doctor Appointment List

Though you might have the doctor’s appointments on the Calendar, it’s equally vital to have an accessible list; the list should contain all the upcoming doctor’s appointments and the items you may require during the visit. For example, a mobility scooter.

You can create a new calendar on the Calendar’s app of your smartphone so that it’s quick to refer to and check all the upcoming appointments.

Medication Dosage List

You should keep a list containing the medication, their strength, dosage, and when they are taken. Even if you are away from home, someone can use the list to administer the right medication to your loved ones. For easier reference, you can carry the list to all the doctor’s appointments.

Doctor Information List

This list should contain the doctor(s) contact information, health care paperwork, ailments, medications, allergies, and other health-related information.

Refer to the list and update it whenever you visit a new doctor, start new medication, or any information changes.

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