Buy Instagram Likes and Convert them into Sales

Having a huge following or many likes on your Instagram doesn’t always translate into sales. You need to find a way to convert these likes into actual sales. Otherwise, you’ll cease being in business.

We’ll teach you how to buy Instagram likes and convert them into sales.

Include Call to Actions

CTAs are crucial if you want to make sales via Instagram. Your followers want to know what to do if they want to make a purchase. It’s important to note that the platform does not allow clickable links on posts. However, you can place one link on your bio.

Depending on the product you want to promote, you need to keep updating the link on your bio to direct buyers to the right products.

Utilize Promo Codes

We all love discounts, and your audience may be prompted into making that first purchase if you offer discounts. A first purchase could lead to many more purchases in the future. If your followers love your products, they’ll wait for days when you run promos. You’d be surprised if they also recommend your products or services to friends and relatives.

Instagram has a Shoppable Feature

The shoppable feature on Instagram was rolled out in 2018 to help businesses make more sales using their accounts. The feature lets you post an image, add description and pricing details, and direct your audience to the online store. Capitalize on this feature if you want to make sales from your likes.

Instagram Stories

Did you know that most people will first look at the Instagram stories before checking the rest of the feed? Yes, you heard that right!

Promote your products using Instagram stories. Here you want to hook them so that they feel the urge to make a purchase. Talk about the discounts and promote the best products here. Don’t bore your audience with many stories; the best number is about seven. Also, ensure to post the stories at optimal times when you are sure your followers are online.

Run Ads

Running ads is the other way you can convert those likes into sales. Pick the posts with the most likes and comments and sponsor them. This way, they’ll reach more people, translating to more sales. Remember to include a call to action in all your sponsored posts.

Run Contests

Contests will keep your followers interested in your posts. Once in a while, run contests that will boost your account engagement rate. Contests could require that your audience takes photos holding your merchandise. If they have to pose holding your product, they’d have to buy it first. Then, you reward the contestant with more likes.

Buy Instagram Likes

You cannot make sales if you don’t have followers or likes on your posts. If you don’t have likes or a huge following, it’s okay to buy Instagram likes. Buying likes will give you the audience you need. Once you have the likes, some could turn into followers or even loyal customers.

Wrap Up!

It’s not enough to have an Instagram business account, followers, likes, and comments. You need to convert them into sales. This guide gives you tips on how to make sales from your IG. Do you want to buy Instagram likes? Contact us today!

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