CarGuard’s Trevor Smith Touches on the Benefits of a Vehicle Service Contract

The cost of car ownership today has risen dramatically. It’s estimated that for every mile driven; you are looking at almost 9 cents in maintenance and repair costs. These costs can add up quickly, leaving with you an empty bank account.

CEO of CarGuard Trevor Smith confirms that when it comes to car repairs, the fact remains that costs are rising quickly. Many people do not have money set aside for car repairs. In fact, as of January 2020, only 41% of Americans said they had enough in savings to cover the cost of surprise car repair and maintenance.

Smith stresses the importance of understanding the benefits of a vehicle service contract. Vehicle service contracts are all-inclusive plans that give you coverage when the unexpected happens.

And untimely mechanical failures and repairs are almost guaranteed if you own a car. The benefits of purchasing a vehicle service contract will offer you not only peace of mind, but several other things as well.

Better Coverage Than a Standard Warranty

Standard warranties often don’t cover average repairs such as brakes and other wear and tear on the vehicle. Most vehicle contracts will offer services beyond the vehicle’s standard warranty.

In the end, this can potentially save you hundreds of dollars. Knowing that your car’s basic needs are being met can be a breath of fresh air.

Just as Important as Insurance

Having a vehicle service contract is just as important as having insurance coverage. Service contracts cover you in the event that your car breaks down. And this is not something any of us want to deal with in our fast-paced world.

CarGuard Trevor Smith advises against waiting to find the right plan. The best time to include a vehicle service plan is at the time of purchase.  Smith states that issues can arise at any time, and it’s best to be prepared. He’s absolutely correct. Car problems hit us when we least expect them, and it’s best to have that covered before you even step foot in your vehicle.

Options Are Available to Meet Everyone’s Budget

Many plans are available to meet the different needs and budgets of car owners. Some plans offer few exclusions and reasonable deductibles. Others are made especially for older or high mileage vehicles. CarGuard Trevor Smith recommends doing your research and determining what plan is best for you.

It’s Your Choice When it Comes to Repairs

A standard vehicle warranty will often require that you bring your car to the dealership for repairs. As dealerships tend to inflate their prices, you can sometimes pay hundreds more than reasonable. But a vehicle service contract gives you a choice. You can go to a trusted mechanic or repair shop, and your service contract will likely cover their work.

Peace of Mind and Less Hassle

Most importantly, with a vehicle service contract, you can be assured that you will be covered. The anxiety over costly repairs can be tremendous but knowing you have a service contract can lessen your fretfulness. Reliability is key, along with knowing you can trust your contract to cover you in those unexpected times.

CarGuard Trevor Smith stresses that how a company handles customer complaints is crucial when determining the right fit for you. These things will have a tremendous impact on the company’s reputation in the marketplace, along with its profitability.

CarGuard Trevor Smith says that improving customer satisfaction can change the overall experience. According to Smith, a loyal customer is a backbone to any company. Customers are the brand’s advocates. CarGuard Trevor Smith also states that a positive experience can greatly impact any previous negative experiences the customer may have had. Therefore, it’s important to do your research and determine what vehicle service contract is best for you.


4 Benefits of a Vehicle Service Contract

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