Wolverhampton – Tottenham: forecast and rate of Kirill Dementiev

In matches with Wolverhampton, it’s time to take bets on the number of Portuguese in the team’s starting lineup. For example, in the last match there were six of them – more than half. But since there is no such line in Vulcanbet, we will focus on the game.

Match with Tottenham this is a match between two teams that do not like to possess the ball, but like to wait for the opponent’s mistakes. As Mourinho says: Whoever owns the ball is wrong.. However, someone will have to take the lead, so I don’t think the match will turn out to be completely zero. I think that there will be mistakes and these mistakes will be made by both.

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Wolverhampton has problems – Jimenez is not playing, Traore is not the same as last year, but Tottenham have lost two of the last three matches, despite Jose’s moaning that everything is not the case.

It seems to me that the match will turn out to be quite nervous, but at the same time, both teams must score. I offer a bet both to score on the Vulcanbet line for 1.96.

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Dynamo Moscow – Zenit St. Petersburg: forecast and rate of Timur Khabibullin

Dynamo Moscow will start at the home Final Six, where in the first match they will face their arch rivals this season – Zenit St. Petersburg.

I focus on the number of service errors in the first game in this match.

Muscovites are the leaders in serving errors in the regular Russian Super League, committing 18.5 serving errors per match. On average, they make 5.5 mistakes in serving per game.

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St. Petersburg “Zenith” also makes a lot of marriage on the serve, 15.5 on average per match. Makes 4.5 mistakes in service per set.

This season they have played as many as six matches with each other! And only in one match in the first game they made seven mistakes on the serve. Have at least 11.5 serving errors in the first games in the remaining five games.

In this line, a value is seen, where the bookmaker underestimates the possibilities of both teams in serving marriage. The correct line here is 11.5.

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