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Tips for Finding a Financial Planner

Tips for Finding a Financial Planner

If you are working, whether you are close to retirement or just starting out, you may be considering working with a financial advisor. These individuals set up your short- and long-term financial plans. They prepare for any planned financial expenditures while helping you get the money you need during retirement. Consider these tips for finding a great financial planner.


Your first step should be determining what type of services you need. Different financial planners offer different services. For example, one advisor may offer services to those approaching retirement, while another might offer financial planning for professional athletes. Some advisors also have account minimums, while others do not. You may also be interested in ethical investing. Choose a planner that has experience in the services you need.


Your next step should be conducting in-depth research on the available financial planners in your area who offer the services you require. You may ask for referrals, but also look through online reviews. Contact the Better Business Bureau and local chamber of commerce for ratings and any outstanding complaints.

Make sure your prospects have proper credentials, including a Certified Financial Planner or Personal Financial Specialist designation, as well as a Chartered Financial Analyst certificate. In addition, find out whether your prospects have a fiduciary standard. Learn about any association memberships they hold. You should also discuss each advisor’s investment philosophy.


When you speak with your financial advisors, ask them about their communication practices. For example, when should you expect to hear from them? How often will they contact you? What are their preferred methods of contact? You should know if they will contact you when they make trades, and you should determine beforehand if you want to provide consent for larger transactions.


Most financial planners make 0.5-1% of your total investment per year. You should plan how much money you want to invest every year. You should also determine your risk level. Then, calculate the advisor’s annual fee. Be sure to ask your advisor about any additional fees they may charge, and compare their commission- versus fee-based services. Compare the fees of multiple advisors.


Be observant as you speak with the advisors and review their credentials. Look for financial advisors who have third-party custodians who hold your assets, and avoid advisors who take custody of these assets. Look for other firms the advisor may own, especially if those firms are holding your assets. Avoid these planners.

Whether you are just starting your career or are preparing for retirement, consider working with a reputable financial planner.

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Why is S2P Consulting Important?

Why is S2P Consulting Important?

When a business is healthy and thriving the way that it was intended to be, somebody is doing something right. In most cases, the whole procurement process is like the heartbeat of the company. If the source-to-pay system is in good shape, the company will be in good shape as well. However, if the procurement department is lacking, so will the whole business. This is where the help of an s2p consulting company can come in handy. In fact, every company out there that depends on a procurement system to keep their business healthy should take a moment to have an expert consult them about where to improve and where to cut things out. Doubt it? Keep reading and you will see the point.

Plan with an Expert Eye

The fundamentally most important step in the process of source-to-pay is the planning stage. The planning stage is where you can lay out your whole plan from start to finish and map out the best directions to go with each step along the way. Every company will have its own unique needs and demands based on whatever variables that dictate the company. While the planning stage is underway, an expert that has experience spotting and fixing issues before they even start will know where to look for potential improvements. In the planning stage your consultant can dissect the basic steps:

  • Sourcing
  • Ordering
  • Purchasing

Finding the best sources, then being able to streamline the ordering and purchasing steps afterward to get the most out of each phase is crucial for saving money, time, and resources.

Maximize Sourcing and Paying

The whole source-to-pay process has a series of steps and practices that can make things more efficient, or less efficient. As simple as it sounds to imagine a process that all there is to do is find a source then pay for it, there is much more that goes into an effective strategy. The source of the goods, services, or whatever needs that are being me has to be solid and dependable. This means that each source has to be carefully considered for the best attributes that the company can benefit from. A skilled consultant will be able to show you how to compare the best sources side by side and help you to choose the best one based on the highest probability of profit through the source.

The Importance of a Consultant

Although many business owners believe that they know what is best for their company and that they have the whole thing under control. However, sometimes it is better to get the opinion of a person that has knowledge and experience in the specific realm of source-to-pay solutions. Excess money, resources, and time can be at risk behind the scenes where a business owner might not even be aware of it. In many cases, a consultant can come into the picture and uncover a plethora of issues that contribute to profit loss and wasted resources. If there is a chance that an expert can come in and uncover a $15,000 per year issue, wouldn’t it be worth taking a look?


Hiring a consulting company to give professional direction and advice does not have to be an ordeal. In many cases, a consultant will have the necessary answers and recommendations after a quick analysis of your procedures. If anything a consultant will be able to provide answers to critical questions and give direction in times of difficulty. The question is, if you could save yourself thousands of dollars by hiring a consultant, why not give it a try?

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Steps for Combining Social Media Management and SEO

Steps for Combining Social Media Management and SEO

Are you looking to save a little time when it comes to utilizing SEO and social media? Are you aware that there are advantages of combining social media with SEO? For the longest time, many people thought that SEO and social media had their own little place on the internet. But with social media platforms growing quickly, they have become the new go-to when it comes to ranking higher in search engine results. In order to get those results though, you must include SEO in the equation. To see the biggest results, it is recommended that you hire an expert that offers social media and SEO combination packages.

Steps for Combining Social Media Management and SEO

  1. Create Content with Quality Information

If you did a Google search right now, you would find all types of content out there. Some of it would be excellent and some of it would make you wonder why a person even posted it.

When you are creating content for your website and social media platforms, you must make sure everything you post contains quality information. All your content should be relevant to your page and your target audience. Once your readers, and followers, start to read your quality content, they will confirm you are an expert in your field.

One of the advantages of combining social media and SEO is that once you are known as an expert in your field, people will share your content more. And the more clicks you have on links, and the more people visit your website, the higher you will get in search engine rankings.

  1. Embrace Pertinent Keywords

Keywords are a must with SEO, but did you know that you should be using them in your social media posts as well?

When you are creating content for your website, you must be aware of what keywords will bring in more readers. Once you know your target keywords, you can take advantage of combining SEO with social media and use those keywords in anything you post on your social media platforms.

Using keywords in both locations will ensure your content is showing up higher in search engines.

There are many keyword research tools out there for you to use. You can start to type in a keyword and find results that include long-tail keywords that people are searching for. An SEO and social media expert is much better at this though. Therefore, you may want to purchase one of their social media and SEO combination packages to ensure you are using the proper keywords in all the content you create.

  1. Determine What Content Your Readers Want

There is no point in creating content for your readers if you are not sure they want to read about it. Yes, you can do keyword searches to see what people are interested in. But the best way to determine what content your readers want is to ask them.

Start a conversation on one of your social media platforms. Ask your followers questions and see how they respond. You can even set up a poll to see what topics everyone would be most interested in reading about.

This is also an excellent way to build an online relationship with your readers and followers. They will see that you genuinely care about what they think and that you want to make sure you are providing them with information they are truly interested in reading.

  1. Align Your SEO and Social Media Goals

So many people have one goal for their website and one goal for each of their social media platforms. However, do you know the advantages of combining your goals when it comes to SEO and social media?

When you begin to look at SEO and social media as one, there are so many more possibilities when it comes to growth. We recommend posting quality content on your website. Then take that content and share it on your social media. It is important to use the same keywords in your social media posts, because that will help in search engine results. Adding links back to your website, or to your social media pages, is also another good way to promote higher search rankings.

The results from aligning your SEO and social media will be much better than keeping everything separate. Plus, instead of multiple goals to keep track of, you only have one. Talk about a timesaver!

  1. Utilize Links

Above, we mentioned adding links on your website and social media pages. We have seen many people add these in a haphazard way, so let us walk you through the steps of utilizing links.

In your blog posts, you can easily add links to other websites, as well as links to other relevant posts on your website. It is best to place links to your social media pages on your website too. This will allow your readers to share anything they read and love on their own social media pages.

On your social media posts, it is best to have links that lead back to your website. You can direct people to a landing page, a specific blog post, or your home page. These links will help you gain traction with getting to the first spot in search engine rankings.

  1. Make Sharing Easy for Your Readers and Followers

The only way you can truly take advantage of combining social media with SEO is to make sure people can share your information easily. This is where links to your social media pages on your website are helpful. As people stumble upon information they want their friends to see, they can easily share it to their social media pages.

As long as you share quality content on your social media, people will also share that with their friends. So, while you should make it easy to share things that you post, you should also make sure what you are posting is something that could potentially go viral.

These are the steps you must take to combine social media and SEO. Once you begin to align your goals for SEO and social media, you will truly see the advantages of combining social media and SEO. This can be an overwhelming task though, unless you are an expert in both SEO and social media. To save a little time, you should purchase an expert’s social media and SEO combination packages. That will give you the results you want without all the stress of learning something new!

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CarGuard’s Trevor Smith Touches on the Benefits of a Vehicle Service Contract

CarGuard’s Trevor Smith Touches on the Benefits of a Vehicle Service Contract

The cost of car ownership today has risen dramatically. It’s estimated that for every mile driven; you are looking at almost 9 cents in maintenance and repair costs. These costs can add up quickly, leaving with you an empty bank account.

CEO of CarGuard Trevor Smith confirms that when it comes to car repairs, the fact remains that costs are rising quickly. Many people do not have money set aside for car repairs. In fact, as of January 2020, only 41% of Americans said they had enough in savings to cover the cost of surprise car repair and maintenance.

Smith stresses the importance of understanding the benefits of a vehicle service contract. Vehicle service contracts are all-inclusive plans that give you coverage when the unexpected happens.

And untimely mechanical failures and repairs are almost guaranteed if you own a car. The benefits of purchasing a vehicle service contract will offer you not only peace of mind, but several other things as well.

Better Coverage Than a Standard Warranty

Standard warranties often don’t cover average repairs such as brakes and other wear and tear on the vehicle. Most vehicle contracts will offer services beyond the vehicle’s standard warranty.

In the end, this can potentially save you hundreds of dollars. Knowing that your car’s basic needs are being met can be a breath of fresh air.

Just as Important as Insurance

Having a vehicle service contract is just as important as having insurance coverage. Service contracts cover you in the event that your car breaks down. And this is not something any of us want to deal with in our fast-paced world.

CarGuard Trevor Smith advises against waiting to find the right plan. The best time to include a vehicle service plan is at the time of purchase.  Smith states that issues can arise at any time, and it’s best to be prepared. He’s absolutely correct. Car problems hit us when we least expect them, and it’s best to have that covered before you even step foot in your vehicle.

Options Are Available to Meet Everyone’s Budget

Many plans are available to meet the different needs and budgets of car owners. Some plans offer few exclusions and reasonable deductibles. Others are made especially for older or high mileage vehicles. CarGuard Trevor Smith recommends doing your research and determining what plan is best for you.

It’s Your Choice When it Comes to Repairs

A standard vehicle warranty will often require that you bring your car to the dealership for repairs. As dealerships tend to inflate their prices, you can sometimes pay hundreds more than reasonable. But a vehicle service contract gives you a choice. You can go to a trusted mechanic or repair shop, and your service contract will likely cover their work.

Peace of Mind and Less Hassle

Most importantly, with a vehicle service contract, you can be assured that you will be covered. The anxiety over costly repairs can be tremendous but knowing you have a service contract can lessen your fretfulness. Reliability is key, along with knowing you can trust your contract to cover you in those unexpected times.

CarGuard Trevor Smith stresses that how a company handles customer complaints is crucial when determining the right fit for you. These things will have a tremendous impact on the company’s reputation in the marketplace, along with its profitability.

CarGuard Trevor Smith says that improving customer satisfaction can change the overall experience. According to Smith, a loyal customer is a backbone to any company. Customers are the brand’s advocates. CarGuard Trevor Smith also states that a positive experience can greatly impact any previous negative experiences the customer may have had. Therefore, it’s important to do your research and determine what vehicle service contract is best for you.


4 Benefits of a Vehicle Service Contract

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How to Set Up a Comfortable Home Office

How to Set Up a Comfortable Home Office

If you’re going to be working from home long term, it’s crucial that you set up a comfortable home office. Setting up your space to be comfortable and well-suited for your job can help increase productivity and job satisfaction.

Buy a Desk

When working at home, it can be tempting to use the kitchen table as a desk. This can result in having to share your desk space with others and having to clear off all of your work supplies often for others to use the table. Even worse, you may opt to work from the couch or your bed with just a laptop. This can be disastrous for your posture and your productivity. Looking into some desks for home offices and buying one that fits your needs can make all the difference. It will allow you to find a place free of distractions where you can set up your desk how you like it and keep it that way.

Get a Desk Chair

Office buildings have desk chairs for a reason. Their designs keep you comfortable and prevent back pain and wrist pain from writing or typing all day. The chairs you happen to have at home may not offer the same support, resulting in discomfort and decreased productivity after long term use.

Use a Blue Light Filter

If you use a computer or other electronic devices for work, you are being exposed to a lot of blue light. This can cause eye strain that can lead to headaches, sore eyes and even vision damage. You can reduce your exposure by using blue light filtering screen covers or glasses. These allow you to continue working on your electronic devices with little difference in appearance and limited eye strain.

Install a Standing Desk

Many people find it uncomfortable to sit at their desks all day. Taking breaks to stand up can increase productivity, improve focus, relieve back and leg pain and more. Standing desks allow you to stand up and stretch while still completing your work. You can buy desks that can be raised or lowered as needed, or you can add an adjustable desk top to your existing desk. You can arrange your belongings on these adjustable tops just as you would a typical desk and then gently pull up to change the height.

These small investments in your office space can help make you more comfortable, so that you can get more work done and feel better doing it.

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GMB Union Makes Position Known After Uber Workers’ Rights Judgement

The GMB Union has revealed it is celebrating the “massive win” for workers in the gig economy as a four-year battle with Uber saw the Supreme Court upheld the ruling by the Court of Appeal and the Employment Tribunal and paved the way for an end to “bogus self-employed status and no workers’ rights”.

The union says the decision by the Supreme Court now provides hope for GMB members working in the gig economy, who by way of their “bogus“ self-employed status, are currently denied workers’ rights meaning they will usually earn less than the national minimum wage, do not get holiday pay or have decent terms and conditions.

GMB London is optimistic that Addison Lee, a company that claims that its drivers are ‘independent contractors’ will realise that the time has come for change by not pursuing an appeal, but adopt the employed status for its drivers as so plainly ruled by the courts.

GMB London Regional Organiser, Steve Garelick said: “The time for change has come in how the world looks at worker rights and protections. GMB Union is honoured to have been at the vanguard of cases such as this case Uber and for Hermes couriers in forging a new future for the emerging Gig economy.

“We would like to think Addison Lee would now wish to eventually become part of this advancement in the law to provide workers with the rights they should have.’’Liana Wood, a solicitor in the employment team at Leigh Day, said: “The Supreme Court’s decision will have big repercussions not just for Uber taxis, but for anyone who is bringing a similar workers’ rights claim, including other firms that utilise regular phone booking.

“This ruling will be a momentous turn in securing how gig economy workers will be treated going forward. It’s time for companies like Addison Lee to identify their drivers as employees so they can benefit from the rights that this status affords.”

GMB London have said they will not cease taking on companies that operate using the “bogu s self-employment model to exploit workers” by denying them the workers’ rights that they are entitled to by law.

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apple stock price

Various Strategies To Be Followed By The Apple Company

Organizations utilize the advertising methodology of item separation to recognize their items from their rivals. Because the 1980s, Apple Inc. has effectively utilized item separation to isolate its items from other hardware producers. From its MacIntosh home PCs to the iPad cell phones and iPhone and iPod music players, Apple has utilized a separation procedure to focus on a segment of the shopper showcase and send an amazing communication that its items stand apart from the group. The strategies help the progress of apple stock price.

Item Design:

A significant part of an item separation system comes from an item plan. Items that show an alternate visual style, incorporate various highlights or handle various undertakings stand apart from those provided by the opposition. Apple has made item plan a sign of its separation system since the organization’s starting points. At the point when Apple presented the iPhone, iPod, and iPad, there were no comparable customer hardware items.

Estimating Strategy:

Then the other factor in item separation plans originates from the organization’s evaluating techniques. Mac Computers’ fellow benefactor Steve Jobs looked to make a first-class item with a value proportional to its degree of value while keeping up high net revenues. The least valued Apple items reliably fall in the mid-range, yet clients are eager to take care of the high caliber of the client experience. This valuing procedure contradicts producers of ware workstations, tablets, and cell phones, which sell cheaper gadgets and depend on the high range to counter their thin net revenues. The moderately greater expense of the Apple adaptations gives purchasers a feeling of high worth and selectiveness for their items.

Marketing Outlets:

Apple’s valuing methodology reaches out to its separation in the market gadgets commercial center. While the consumers buy tablets, PCs, and mobile phones from almost any hardware source, Apple divides by providing limited size to heavy contents, traders, and resetting in its retail endeavors on its Stores of Apple. For its outsider retailers, Apple forces a base publicized value strategy to forestall sources like Walmart and Best Buy from undermining the costs found at the Apple Stores.

The loyalty of Brand:

Apple is among the best innovation organizations in the advancement of dependability to a brand. Faithful Apple clients will stand by in line to buy the most recent iPhone, music iTunes, watch their I TV programs on Apple TV and mess around on their iPads. The organization’s endeavors toward building brand dependability have permitted Apple to separate itself from Samsung, Microsoft, and different rivals in its different fields.

The idea of brand separation has permitted Apple to make an effective split in the realm of electronic gadgets: Apple gadgets versus every other person. It has made a dream of restrictiveness that surrenders Apple a leg on the lookout, assisting them with keeping their items at the highest point of incalculable must-have records each year. You can get more information like income statement at

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Aliexpress Alternatives

The Competitive Similar To Aliexpress Alternatives Platforms For Your Business

Are you a user of Ali express? If you are one then I am sure you have been enjoying a lot of benefits including direct shipping and the huge volume of products that you can choose from. However, in as much as you love it, there are also other Aliexpress alternatives that are available where you can choose to work from. This is because Aliexpress also has some shortcomings that make it difficult sometimes to do business on the platform, this is among others the hard process of having a successful return of a product in case one is not satisfied with it and the time taken to deliver a product which is normally very long. F this has been a tiresome journey for you, then I have some Aliexpress alternatives for you, these include:

  1. Focal price
  2. Tmart
  3. Taobao
  4. American greenwood

Focal price

With an available all time customer service at the live chat, focal price brings to you the best Aliexpress alternative to get into and make your investment. I can term it as the best Aliespress alternative because of the wide range of products that are available on their site. It does not matter which category of products you are looking for, ranging from kitchen to outdoor items and even farming machines and all electronics, they are all found in one place.


Aliexpress Alternatives

Aliexpress has been on the market for some time and therefore has old customers who might already be loyal to a particular seller, but Tmart makes a good Aliexpress alternative since it is on the rise and therefore as a seller on the platform, you will enjoy the volume of new customers, the wide range of products and the huge discounts by purchasing products at a much cheaper price as compared to Aliexpress. If you are new or just starting your business. I can recommend you to this site since being a new person in the sales, you need customers, but on Aliexpress, most clients that are there are already entrusted to a particular seller. The products can be delivered to all your clients through the Goten dropshipping platform


Being owned by the Alibaba group, on the site, you will find a variety of product types and designs. These products are available at lower prices as compared to the one you would find on the Aliexpress site. The site also has a wide range of trending products that you are likely to sell since they are in high demand

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Everything About The AMZN Stock News Raised Goals

AMZN‘s news reports Q320 earnings after Thursday’s US closing bell, with analysts on Wall Street predicting revenue of $92.5 trillion for any single share of $7.17. This will represent a 65 percent surge in EPS compared to the same quarter in 2019, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, which represents enormous shifts in market share. The stock was down 3.7 percent after a Q2 blowout at the end of July, but since then it has not risen by centimetre.

Cultivating political winds

The next presidential administration will earn a mega-cap of $1,6 trillion, regardless of the presidential victory. The Washington Post also includes CEO Jeff Bezos, who is accused of disseminating “fake news” routinely by President Trump. The presidency for democracy may be even tougher for Amazon, after charges of anticompetitive and monopoly practises that brought the close of tens of thousands of small businesses.

Benchmark Business’ analyst Daniel Kurnos raised his goal to $2,800 this month and said: “We expect Amazon to be a big partner for this holiday while extending the early holiday market to avoid shortfalls and increasingly onerous final-mile delivery procedures.

Outlook Technological

Throughout the year 2020, there was a one-sided consensus on Wall Street in lieu of the unprecedented share gains. No store analysts make suggestions for ‘Hold’ or ‘Sale.’ Present prices vary from $3,400 to $4,500 in the street; stock exchange is only around $150 cheaper than the low mark. This unanimity looks like a token of alarm, considering the low price and lack of a Q3.

Instead of the unprecedented market gains, a unilateral deal was made on Wall Street all over the year 2020. Present pricing varies from $3,400 to $4,500 on the market, and stock exchange is just around $150 cheaper than low. No store analysts make recommendations for Keep and Sell. Unanimously, the low price and the absence of a Q3 are a sign of warning.

d28461777dbc45a0e2ee093900d4ea93 (800×293)

AMZN news broke out at 2,190 in April, hit an all-time high of 3,552 in September, and several days later had a daunting job of breaking over 3,350. In April, it sunk. In July, market activity overtook the amount of accumulation since June, and a potential aggregate trend was highlighted. The July and September lower points to the future neckline with a division that indicates a few week correction that can hit almost 2200 divisions.

Amazon hired 200 000 contract jobs for up to 11 months over the holiday season last year after hiring 125 000 warehouse staff.

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

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