Enjoy the Caribbean Perfection of Martinique!

Enjoy the Caribbean Perfection of Martinique!

Whether you’re with a group of friends or backpacking solo, there are plenty of things to do in Martinique. Why not take a stroll in one of its many beaches or scour the rugged crags of its geological landscapes? Do you want to take a closer look at Mount Pelee?

Whatever it is, take in the Caribbean perfection with Martinique tourist attractions swathes in lush rainforests and gorges. Culture vultures would enjoy the town of Saint-Pierre and the Musee de la Pagerie. Those looking for solitude will find peace within Les Ombrages or Jardin de Balata.

Get started planning your itinerary with these awesome activities to do in Martinique.

See its natural wonders

Martinique has no shortage of natural scenic views and landscapes. From walkable gorges and belching volcanoes, the French Caribbean region has a fantastic view to offer the intrepid traveler.

Here’s where to enjoy the majestic landscapes:

  • Hike Mount Pelee and take in the panoramas
  • Swim and stroll along the Gorges de la Falaise
  • Dive or snorkel your way to Diamond Rock
  • Visit La Caravelle and see Anse Tartane and Dubuc Dubuc Castle

Head to the beach

The shimmering waters of Martinique invite weary travelers to wash their troubles away. The lush coast of the Caribbean and its white sand beaches offers a respite to many hurdling explorers.

Where to go to Martinique:

  • Grande Anse des Salines
  • Baie du Diamant
  • Ilet Chevalier
  • Ilet Thierry
  • Anse Couleuvre
  • Grand Rivière

Have a historical-cultural excursion

Martinique has its fair share of historical chronicles through the years. From the visits of Christopher Columbus to French pirates and historical rebellions, this French Region has its accounts embedded all over Martinique.

Looking for historical treasures?

  • Schoelcher Library
  • Habitation Clément
  • Louis Cathedral
  • Old Town of Saint-Pierre
  • Musee de la Pagerie
  • Sacré-Coeur de Balata
  • Musee Volcanologique
  • Le Carbet

Shop around Martinique

Shop around Martinique in its local marketplace. You can find various souvenirs, crafts, and local dishes to buy! If you’re looking for a shopping adventure, the region has everything to offer from malls, boutiques, and local markets to add to the diversity and dynamics of Martinique.

Where to shop in Martinique:

  • Le Grand Marché Couvert
  • Center of Trade Arts
  • La Savane Art Market
  • La Galleria
  • Le Village Creole
  • Village de la Poterie
  • Case à Rhum

Enjoy Caribbean foods at Martinique

You’ll never truly be in the Caribbean if you haven’t tasted their fine Creole food wares. You can find authentic Creole cuisine in a Caribbean-style cabana back in the 1600s and enjoy dining Polynesian cuts with tropical food tastes or fritters and bass cuts filled with spices.

Where to find Creole dishes and top Martinican food to try:

  • Restaurant 1643 for everything Creole
  • Fricassée de chatrou
  • Ti Punch
  • Le Matautou de Crabe
  • Dorade

Drive to your Caribbean dreams!

If you want to venture this Caribbean island with ease, renting a car is a sure go-to venture to the French Region. On average, it costs around $45 to rent a car in Martinique. It’s best to schedule your car hire three to four weeks before your scheduled use. Need to rent a car? Compare prices on car rental here: https://www.autoprio.com/. They will find the best deals on car rental in Martinique.

Go easy with the rum when driving. Martinique is strict with people driving under influence of alcohol as well. You may need to procure an International Driving License or Permit before renting a car also.

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