Product Marketing Guide For SaaS Businesses

You will need nothing else but true, tried, tested and realistic strategies in this ever-evolving market that will make your SaaS company stand out among other competitors. SaaS product marketing is a form of marketing that focuses on the promotion and sales of subscription-based products.

Your SaaS product marketing team can use this to better shape the message for customers around what ‘wins,’ and your product team can better understand what makes customers happy to keep on the same trajectory. It’s the responsibility of both product teams and product marketers to look at which features are doing well and where customers ask for improvement.

Measured through surveys, your Net Promoter Score helps your SaaS product marketing team know where they are not doing a good enough job in serving customers’ needs and where they can do better and how they can use current customers to reach new customers.

While most other businesses that sell goods or services receive their income from upfront expenses, SaaS providers rely on users to annually renew their subscription for recurring income. To meet their core markets and engage current customers to renew their subscriptions with an intangible service offering, SaaS marketers must take a different approach than conventional promotional teams.

In a product-led environment, before deciding to buy it, most individuals who want to educate themselves on a product will try a free trial or freemium version. If you offer a free trial of your product, the trial’s length will naturally add time to your sales cycle, as customers will typically not purchase before the free period is over. A big part of the SaaS product revenue model is upselling customers in the form of premium features, extra services, or premium levels of products. The SaaS subscription is usually on a monthly or annual basis with lower rates, unlike other services where you pay an upfront fee for ownership.

Many SaaS companies see success through marketing on social media platforms through a varied approach to organic posts and paid ads. These social media platforms allow you to optimize these adverts for clicks and include a call – to – action with the title ‘Start My Free Trial.’ Social marketing helps businesses target unique customer personas, is compatible with media from article content to viral videos, and helps generate leads (and finally conversions).

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Partnering on social media sites with an SEO or SaaS marketing agency to share a promotional video or user-generated content will help engage your niche audience and begin conversations.The more good stuff you put out there and encourage, the more you can position yourself and your business as experts and individuals worth noting, from blog posts to podcasts, videos to Instagram. When you don’t have to hire as many sales reps, you can save that money for product development and customer support.

That means that instead of investing in a large team of sales reps to convince your customers why they should buy the product, you can depend on your product to sell itself. An additional benefit of this is that you can more quickly scale your customer support team to pay customers if you’ve always had a product-led approach. There are many ways to increase NPS — the most obvious is a great product and killer customer service. 

Once you’ve established yourself in one small market, you can use the credibility and cash flow to drive marketing efforts targeting more significant needs. For this, you have to work in conjunction with sales and marketing. Saas product marketing is a critical aspect of having your business run successfully, and this aspect must never be ignored or compromised. 

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