Subtle Signs of Substance Abuse

Subtle Signs of Substance Abuse

It may be clear to you that your employee is abusing drugs or alcohol if certain indicators are present. Maybe they reek of booze or slur their speech or stumble, or perhaps they’ve gotten in trouble with the law because of their habit. However, there are other things that may signal a problem that aren’t quite as obvious. While these can have mundance causes, if you notice them it’s a good idea to take note and pay attention for additional symptoms. If you need to confirm your suspicions, occupational health screenings can give you peace of mind. A safe and happy workforce is a top priority, so keep an eye out for the little things that may really be a big problem.

1. Sudden Personality Changes

Did your once outgoing employee turn into a withdrawn worker seemingly overnight, or vice versa? Was your staff member known for their attention to detail that has now vanished? These shifts in behavior can indicate drugs or alcohol could be impacting their life. They could also mean trouble at home or in another area. Take time to ask them how they’re doing. For one reason or another, they may need help.

2. Tardiness Or Absenteeism

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You might notice an employee who was once always punctional is now late for work or misses reporting altogether. They may have a good excuse, but too many occurences of this and those explanations may start to wear thin. Look for patterns such as missing days adjacent to weekends and holidays.

3. Excessive Sleepiness

Your staff worker may consistently come in groggy and not quite completely aware of their surroundings on a frequent basis. They may even nod off during their shift. This is dangerous and warrants investigation before a serious accident occurs. They may simply be suffering from insomnia from stress or a medical condition, but it could be something more dangerous as well. Whatever the cause, you can point them in the direction of help.

You care about your employees and want them to be healthy and happy and perform at the top of their game. If one of them has a substance abuse problem, there is help available. The first step for you is to take note of their behavior. If you have suspicions something may be wrong, investigate further. It’s the responsible thing to do and you could avoid bigger issues for you, your company, and your staff in the future by taking action now.

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