The 2022 review of the Sam’s Club Mastercard Credit Card

The 2022 review of the Sam’s Club Mastercard Credit Card

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Walmart owns Sam’s Club and offers the Sam’s Club Mastercard. You can earn points with this card.

Sam’s Club Mastercard customers have a great choice: This card offers exceptional cashback returns and benefits in certain areas.

On gas gasoline purchases over $6,000 per year, Sam’s Club offers a 5% cashback. Then, 1% is available. Sam’s Club members who travel a lot or spend a lot on petrol and other expenses will love the flexibility of these reward categories.

Sam’s Club members (membership starts from $45 per annum) can receive the card without any international transaction fees or annual fees. This card should be avoided if you aren’t a Sam’s Club member. You can get better cashback cards.

Sam’s Club Plus members who spend a lot at Sam’s Club will reap the most significant benefits from the card. The main advantage of this card for most people is the large rewards on petrol purchases. However, regular travelers and road warriors who already have Sam’s Club memberships may find the card worthwhile for only the gas benefits.

The reputation of Card Issuer


WalletHub customer feedback (+200 reviews): 3.9/5 Customers can leave positive, negative, or neutral feedback about their experience in the marketplace through WalletHub customers reviews. The issuer of Sam’s Club credit card scored 800 points out of 1,000 possible points in the Power Credit Card Satisfaction Survey.

This was lower than the industry average. J.D. J.D. Power offers the most comprehensive and impartial assessment of customer satisfaction with card issuers. This study is designed to help customers and issuers understand the opinions and ratings of the most popular bands. In addition, this study discusses terminology, benefits, and services, as well as communication, rewards, reward schemes, and other topics.



Let’s take a look at the Sam’s Club Mastercard features to see if it’s right for you.

  • Get 5% cashback on gas and 3% cashback on restaurants, travel, and another spending.
  • Sam’s Club Mastercard gives you 5% cashback on petrol purchases above $6,000 per year. Then, 1% is available. You also get 3% cashback on all restaurant purchases.
  • You can also get 3% cashback on qualified travel (airline tickets, hotels, and cruises, as well as vehicle rentals). There are no restrictions on spending in any category.
  • Maximize your Reward Potential: Upgrade to a higher-tier membership to get more benefits such as free delivery or $10 cashback for every $500 you spend on eligible products.
  • No annual charge: Sam’s Club members can receive the Sam’s Club Mastercard at no additional cost. The yearly cost of membership is $45.
  • It is possible to start making money immediately.
  • Foreign transaction fees are not charged: Sam’s Club Mastercard does not charge an overseas transaction fee. This is uncommon for a reward card that doesn’t offer travel benefits. This is a great benefit as you could get back money on your travel expenses.
  • Sam’s Club Mastercard offers cardholders extended warranty protection and identity theft protection.
  • You will only need one card because your credit card doubles as your membership card.
  • Zero Liability Insurance. You are not responsible for any unauthorized charges to your card.
  • International Services. You can get help in an emergency anywhere, at any time, and in any language. You can report the loss or theft of the card and even request a cash advance or replacement with an emergency card at an ATM by answering a few questions about your account.
  • ID Theft Security. This service can be signed up. It monitors your credit file and provides emergency notifications. If fraud is detected, it can also assign a specialist to assist you.



These are the top disadvantages you should consider before you apply:

  • Redemption restrictions: Sam’s Club Mastercard cashback can only be redeemed and spent at Sam’s Club. Also, this redemption is only possible once per year in February. You can also redeem rewards with other cards right away.
  • Cap on Reward: Sam’s Club Mastercards have a limit of $5,000. You cannot offer incentives exceeding $5,000. This is a significant barrier for many households, but other consumers might spend more and get higher rewards with other cards.
  • The APR is very high: Sam’s Club Mastercard’s APR ranges from 16.40 percent up to 24.40%, which is relatively high for a card that requires exceptional to good credit.
  • There is no introductory rate below 0% APR: The Sam’s Club Mastercard doesn’t offer a 0% APR intro period like other cards. This card is not suitable for those who want to make large purchases or carry credit.
  • You can get better cashback cards: Cashback cards that offer higher cashback rates are available. You might get more cashback depending on how you shop and your buying habits.
  • Other cards offer better cashback benefits if you have a large spending budget and don’t mind paying an additional annual fee. You can also get store cards with significantly higher benefits if you use them in the same store that issued the card.
  • Sam’s Club Mastercard gives you only 1% off your purchases in their shops.
  • The Sam’s Club card has its downsides, even with the boosted gasoline benefits. After you have earned $5,000 each year in rewards, you can’t make more the following year. This card is not recommended for people who spend a lot.

Redeeming Prizes


Sam’s Club rewards can only be used once per year in February. You must be a member and have a card account to redeem your rewards. Your earnings cannot be used to pay a bill or make a purchase at Sam’s. In addition, you are not allowed to make deposits into bank accounts.

Sam’s Credit Card is the best credit card you’ll ever use! It is designed with the modern man in mind and offers excellent opportunities to save money. In addition, the company offers you a wide variety of rewards, including cash back, miles, points, and more! This company also has the lowest interest rates with no annual fees. A few other added benefits include mobile check-in for easy access at any location, VIP service when shopping online, and 24/7 customer service.

Potential for Reward


Sam’s Club has its rewards program, only available to Sam’s Plus members. Sam’s Club and offer 2% cashback for every qualified purchase. The maximum cash-back is $500 per year.

Cash incentives are earned throughout the year. They are loaded onto your card at the end of February. After the rewards are placed on your card, the money can be used.

You have two options for redemption: shop at Sam’s Club and cash out at a register. Alternatively, you can leave the funds in your bank account or use them for payment on a Sam’s Club card. Unfortunately, you can only accumulate $2,000 worth of rewards, but they don’t expire.

Sam’s Club card types

Sam's Club card types

Sam’s Club is a membership-based retailer that offers savings on food and other products. The company, over the years, has gone through some ups and downs, but there are a few things about the company that has consistently remained. One of the most notable aspects of Sam’s Club is its cards.

It would help if you first became a member by signing up online or in-person to get your card. Once that’s done, you can then visit one of the locations to claim your card. You’ll also be given an activation code that can be used at checkout to start saving on your purchase immediately upon payment.

The Sam’s Club Card is pretty standard for what you can find at other retailers. It’s thin and plastic with gold lettering across the top that says “Sam’s Club” in large font and has some general information about the company in smaller type below it. There is no particular design element to make it stand out from other cards as some other retailers offer.

The Sam’s Club Card is a gas station and grocery store membership card that discounts fuel, groceries, and more. With this card, consumers can earn reward points by purchasing items in the store. In addition, Sam’s Club sends out a coupon book with all of its current offers every month. In addition to using the card at any participating Sam’s Club location, customers can also use the cards to shop online or at Walmart; here are some cards available.

Costco Anywhere vs. Sam’s Club(r), Mastercard(r), Citi Visa(r), Card*

The Costco Anywhere Visa is worth considering if you shop at warehouse stores. This card is free and offers 4% cashback on qualifying gas purchases up to $7,000 per year. After that, you will receive 1% cashback and 3% cashback on eligible travel expenses and restaurants. An annual Costco membership is required to apply. Costco’s Plus membership does not need you to have the Sam’s Club card.

U.S. Bank cash+(r), Visa Signature(r), Card vs. Sam’s Club (r) Mastercard(r).

A no-annual-fee card offers flexible earning categories such as the U.S. Bank cash+(r), Visa Signature(r), Card*is recommended for occasional or infrequent warehouse shoppers. Although warehouse clubs are not included in the 5% category, this card could be more advantageous depending on your spending habits.

The card’s potential drawback is that you will need to choose your 5% or 2% earning categories online every quarter. You will not receive 1% for purchases made in that quarter if you don’t make this choice. In addition, the combined category ceiling might be too restrictive for large spenders.



We’ve compiled a list of the Sam’s Club Mastercard not available, including other credit cards that offer cashback incentives.

Walmart Capital One Credit Card

  •  Capital One Walmart Credit Card allows applicants with less than perfect credit to apply.
  • and Walmart App offer 5% cashback with the Walmart Credit Card. This applies to both online orders and items picked up at local stores. The card earns 2% cashback at Walmart stores, restaurants, petrol stations, and travel agencies. This is only available at Walmart and Murphy USA gas stations.
  • Walmart Credit Card offers 1% off all purchases wherever Mastercard is accepted.
  • In addition, you could earn 5% back in Walmart stores for your first year of using your Capital One(r), Walmart RewardsTM card with Walmart Pay.
  • There is no annual fee, and it accepts average credit. This card may be of use to people trying to rebuild or develop their credit.

Bank of America Cash Rewards Card

  • The Bank of America Cash Rewards card, a cashback benefit card, allows cardholders the option to select their bonus category and earn 3% cash back rewards. You will also receive 2% cash back on groceries and 1% for all other purchases.
  • Bank of America Cash Rewards does not have an annual fee, and you will get $200 cashback incentives if you spend $1,000 within the first 90 days.
  • Bank of America Cash Rewards offers a 15% introductory rate at 0% on balance transfers if you are looking to save money on interest. To take advantage of the promotional rate of 0% APR, you will need to pay a balance transfer fee of 3 percent.
  • Variable rates are available for Bank of America Cash Rewards. They range from 13.99% to 23.99%.
  • Evaluation of Bank of America Cash Reward

Visa Costco Anywhere Card

  • Costco is available everywhere. Citi’s Visa Card, a retail credit card that offers cashback options, is available. This card can be used anywhere Visa is accepted.
  • Costco Anywhere Visa Card offers 4% off qualified gas (including Costco gas) for purchases up to $7,000 each year. Then, 1% is available after that
  • Other cards offer better cashback rates if you have a significant spending history and don’t mind paying an annual charge. This card is best if you love Costco shopping.


Sam’s Club Mastercard customers have a great choice: The Sam’s Club Mastercard. This card offers excellent cashback returns as well as benefits in certain areas. Cardholders who regularly spend large sums on petrol will find this card most helpful. In addition, this card is handy for people who frequently travel.

Travel rewards cards that offer 3% cashback are more popular than most travel rewards credit cards. However, Sam’s Club Mastercard has one major disadvantage: you have to wait for your cashback for a year, and it cannot be redeemed at Sam’s Club.

This card should be avoided if you aren’t a Sam’s Club member. There are better cash-back options. Sam’s Club Mastercard offers are simple and easy to understand so this card would serve most Sam’s Club members well.

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