Tips To Know When Travelling With A Wheelchair

Tips To Know When Travelling With A Wheelchair

If you are in a wheelchair, it is important that you get into the game first and think wise, when planning your itinerary. A wheelchair user may encounter more obstacles on their way than an ordinary traveller, but that does not mean that they cannot arrive ready. Here are some points to keep in mind when preparing for vacation as a person in a wheelchair.

1. Book Transportation Before Traveling

While you will certainly find some type of wheelchair that is available in every city, it may not be available exactly when you need it. So, book a taxi that will take you from the airport to the hotel room and also from the hotel room to the airport. The hotel must provide assistance with wheelchair access via concierge. But don’t just rely on them and make many appointments first. You can cancel services that you no longer use.

2. Check The Voltage In Your Country Of Vacation

You do not want to sit with your hands in your hair on damaged wheelchair chargers. Unequal charger voltages can explode your charger and you will not be able to travel as much as you want. While the US uses 110 volts, other countries use 240 volts. You can save hundreds of dollars by buying a new charger. As a precaution, examine it to see if there is anyone in the country who will hire you a charger while you are there.

3. Take Along Parts Of The Wheelchair As Hand Luggage

You would be surprised how many people have lost their wheelchair parts or arrived at their destination to find that the folding electric wheelchair parts have been damaged and can no longer be reused. Carry an extra bag with which you can place a joystick, footrests or headrests. Another useful and handy thing is to use your wheelchair cushion as an airplane cushion. It’s more comfortable, but it also protects against loss.

4. Do Not Book Online

Do not rely on clicking on reservations. This means that just clicking on it and sending it doesn’t mean it was received. You always want to talk to a living person on the other side, especially when it comes to flights and hotels. While it can be a lot of fun to surf the web and read about everything a hotel or flight has to offer, what they consider to be wheelchair accessible may not be so easy for you. When booking tickets, be sure to reserve a counter seat. These are the seats in the first row and are wide with armrests that can be broken, great for wheelchairs.

So, the next time you decBusinesside to travel the world with your electric wheelchair, be very prepared to do it comfortably.

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