Top 4 Common Work from Home Tech Issues

Top 4 Common Work from Home Tech Issues

The work landscape has dramatically changed. Around half of the world’s population enjoy the flexibility of working from home. By 2025, 70% of the global workforce is expected to work remotely. Research shows that work-from-home helps businesses increase productivity and saves operating costs. Allowing such a flexible setup attracts the best talents that companies need to level up. Yet, a work-from-home setup also has challenges and headaches. Even with the best NBN deals, there are some tech issues that they have to deal with. 

Here are the top 4 common work from home tech issues and tips on how to deal with them.

Complicated Software Programs

When it comes to collaborating with colleagues on a remote work setup, the path to success is to keep software programs minimal and simple. People who work-from-home have different technological literacy. A common tech issue in a remote working environment is their ability to cope up with complicated software programs. Collaboration fails if some of the users do not know how to navigate a communication software. Projects become messy if the work files are not integrated into one drive. Even syncing of time can be a problem if the programs do not allow time zone syncing.

To resolve such an issue, a remote team should choose a set of versatile tools monitoring work from home productivity that everybody can use. Skype, Slack, or Zoom  makes it easier to do video conferencing among members. They are easy to download and are user-friendly. Furthermore, these team collaboration apps can handle file uploads and private messaging. Google’s suite of apps is a general-purpose tool that the team can use for file sharing. Google calendar allows every team member to sync each other’s time zone for better scheduling. Google docs are great for editing files among teams. The key is to make sure that there is a consensus to use the same tool. For instance, don’t insist on using Google Hangout if everyone in the team is using Zoom conferencing.

Low-Quality Video Calls

A poorly lit video or unclear audio is another work-from-home tech issue. They can make or break an online meeting. They keep a team from reaching their common goals and limit productivity. If video quality is an issue, you may want to consider buying a webcam that provides natural lighting. Commonly, poor videos are a result of poor lighting. For sound quality issues, noise-reduction earphones and microphones can resolve the issue. They can clear up sounds and volume problems. At the same time, they can cancel noise distractions from the outside environment. 

Tech Distractions

Technology boosts productivity but also hurts it in some ways. In a work-from-home setup, one of the top tech issues is tech distractions. Personal chat apps, digital comic books, TV shows, and video games are just a button away. According to studies, emails, social media, and smartphones top 3 productivity killers when working. There is a simple way to avoid these distractions and encourage productivity while working from home. The Pomodoro technique of time management recommends that you take breaks like how you commonly do it in a traditional workplace. You can watch Netflix while having your lunch break. You can do some social media browsing or texting during your 15-minute snack breaks. The key is to condition your mindset when to relax and when to work.

Unreliable Internet Connection

The most common tech issue of a work-from-home setup is unreliable internet connection. We may commonly experience a slow internet speed when downloading a work file. Our video conference with the team may lag due to internet connection issues. There may also be times when you are unable to work because of no internet service. 

If you have a great connection in one room of your house and a poor connection in another room, it may have something to do with your internet infrastructure. This issue can be resolved by using a WiFi mesh router. It allows you to connect to multiple internet access points to blanket your home with a strong internet signal. If your internet connection is slower than what you expect than your normal NBN deals, a modern WiFi system that supports the latest wireless standards can help. This means investing in a new modem or router

If your internet speed is continuously sluggish and spotty despite the 2 solutions, it is best to call your internet provider to help you resolve the issue. The best NBN deals do not only provide unlimited data. They should also match the speed you need to work-from-home smoothly. NBN deals with faster broadband speed may be higher in prices, but they can guarantee a reliable connection you need to be productive. Last, it may be wise to have a backup option once internet problems arise. You can use your mobile data temporarily to access the internet and continue working online.

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