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  • The insurance companies will advise you how to prevent vehicle theft and are adequately secured, if any.

    No, this text is not intended only for those who have new AutoVillage, expensive cars. Older cars are not safe from thieves because they are easier prey and easier to sell them in parts. Our estimators, who face everyday carnage cases or car parts, asked how to protect themselves from potential damage.
    Insured against theft

    According to police data, there are thousands and thousands of cars that get stolen every month around the world. The damage is huge and sometimes it cannot be fixed.

    Some estimators advise you to take good care of the safety of your vehicle – 8 tips:

    • Do not leave the vehicle in poorly lit areas.
    • Do not stop people who want your help, especially not on highways. For this there are competent services.
    • Do not leave valuable items (purses, cell phones, computers, cameras, etc.) in the visible places in the vehicle. This is often the reason for a break in the vehicle.
    • Do not transfer valuable items to the trunk in the parking lot where you will leave the vehicle. You’d rather do it earlier.
    • If it is not necessary, in the parking place where you leave the vehicle, do not open the luggage compartment where complex luggage is visible.
    • Be careful if the alarm is triggered several times for no reason, because someone may deliberately trigger an alarm. When you no longer react, there are many options for stealing.
    • Do not give vehicle keys to foreigners (parking, service, wash, …).
    • If you lose the keys, immediately make sure that someone is guarding the vehicle, as it may not be a loss, but a steal.

    Insurance in case of theft

    In spite of caution, your vehicle can be stolen, so it is worth considering the appropriate insurance. In case of damage arising in case of theft, you will be provided with the contracting of auto insurance.

    Car theft is covered by full car insurance, which you can negotiate with or without franchise. The insurance covers theft, burglary theft, unlawful seizure of the vehicle in order to use it for driving, robbery theft, robbery and fraud.

    It is considered that the vehicle has disappeared if it is not found within 30 days, counting from the date of the vehicle disappearance report to the competent police authority.

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