What is Civil Construction and What are the Types of Projects the Industry Undertakes?

What is Civil Construction and What are the Types of Projects the Industry Undertakes?

So, you’re looking to expand your business into civil construction and are wondering what it is and the different types of opportunities in this industry? Civil construction is one of the major industries for any country and the construction industry is the focal point for the development of any economy.

Civil construction projects involve the development of a community’s infrastructure – residential, industrial, or commercial. The residential sector includes the development of housing projects and town planning while commercial or industrial projects involve a larger scope such as high-rise and multi-story buildings including shopping centers, cinemas, educational or governmental institutions.

Infrastructure development projects include bridges, roads, highways, expressways, and motorways. That includes flyovers, underpasses, retaining walls, drainage systems, pavement systems, sewerage, and water-supply network. A wide variety of machinery is utilized in the industry, most commonly used equipment is excavator hire machinery, skid-steer loaders and dumpers, however each branch of civil construction also had a vast array of dedicated project based machinery for a specific purpose only.

Types of Projects

Different types of projects you can undertake as a general contractor:

Road and Highway Construction

Road and highway construction includes the development of road networks including local community roads or inter-city roads. The project may involve up-gradation or widening of an existing highway or the development of a new road or highway. These projects require the development of subgrade foundations and the provision of different layers of road structure. Two of the most common types of roads include flexible or asphaltic pavement and rigid or concrete pavements. Both these types have different road structures and different types of machinery are required.

A typical asphaltic pavement includes the provision of different types of earth fill material in the sub-base and base while the top layer or the wearing course is the asphaltic layer. Development of side drains, culverts, drainage systems, bridges, and flyovers are also involved in road and highway construction.

Building and Urban Development

Building construction projects tend to have a very complex and challenging scope of work. From foundation, framework, walling, till finishes; you’re bound to a set of connected activities for which you need to coordinate with different trades and parties.

Infrastructure and Utility Development

Infrastructure development includes projects that are basic for foundation services to stimulate economic growth and quality of life improvement. Infrastructure development includes physical systems for businesses and nations like transportation systems, communication systems, sewerage, water supply, and electric system networks.

Irrigation and Hydropower Development

This type of project is undertaken to place more land under irrigation and improve existing irrigation schemes. Irrigation is an important development for areas that have irregular precipitation and need to improve crop growth and quality. Hydropower development utilizes river water to harvest the hydroelectric potential of an area. This includes projects like barrages and dam development and construction.

Landscaping and Renovation Projects

Landscaping projects refer to the development of visible features of an area of land including living elements like flora or fauna. It includes gardening, growth of plants and development of water features to beautify the landscape. Common equipment for these projects is diggers such as mini excavator hire machinery, along with hole diggers and mini dumpers.

There are many opportunities for construction companies and contractors to play their part in the development of a country’s economy.

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