What Opportunities are Available to People with a Disability?

Many people living with a disability want to enter the workforce, earn a living and feel like they are contributing something of value to society. This desire is no different to anyone else who wants to find a job. The only difference is the extra challenges that someone with a disability may face when it comes to landing employment.

While a job seeker who has a disability is going to come across some hurdles during the hunt for a job, finding employment is far from impossible. There are opportunities out there for disabled job seekers and help is also available when it comes to enhancing your employment prospects.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the opportunities available for job seekers living with a disability and the type of assistance you can receive.

Things You Can Do To Improve Your Employment Prospects

Before seeking out a job and sending in applications, take some time to prepare as much as you possibly can first. This will give you a better chance of being successful in your hunt for a job.

To begin with, make sure your resume is up to date and also be sure it highlights what you can do rather than the limitations you might have. You want the focus to be on any work experience you have, what you’re skilled at, your positive attitude, and your good character traits. Having personal and professional references, if possible, will also boost your employment chances.

Practice your job interview skills. Have someone conduct mock job interviews with you until you feel at ease with answering and asking questions during the interview phase. It’s also a good idea for the person pretending to be the interviewer to ask you some questions about your disability, how it may affect your ability to do the job, and so on.

What Are Some Of The Best Job Opportunities?

While people living with a disability might be hampered by that disability when it comes to certain job roles, there are loads of opportunities available that won’t present a problem at all. Many seek and find, work in an office environment. When it comes to office-based work, there are literally dozens and dozens of different job positions a qualified person with a disability could apply for.

Jobs in finance are popular for disabled workers, whether it be working as an accountant, a financial advisor, or even as a bank teller. When you have enough knowledge and experience, you could even branch out and start your own business in this field.

Working as a pharmacy assistant is another popular choice, as too are research positions, jobs that require analytical thinking, working in scientific laboratories, starting careers in architecture, forging a rewarding career as a personal assistant, making a name in marketing and advertising, designing websites, graphic design, copywriting, customer service and call center work and so many more job prospects.

While a disability may present some limitations in what you can do, there are so many more opportunities available out there in the Australian workforce.

Take Advantage Of Government Assistance and Services

If you’re a job seeker living with a disability, it’s wise to take advantage of any extra assistance you can get in landing and holding down a job. That’s where some government programs, such as Disability Employment Services, can really help a lot.

What is Disability Employment Services all about?

Also known simply as DES, Disability Employment Services is a government initiative that is administered through a number of different channels, but most commonly access to the program is made available through your local Jobactive provider. Jobactive providers offer assistance to unemployed individuals, including people with a disability, helping them to become work-ready and to assist them in finding employment.

Your ability to work will be assessed, as will the number of hours per week you’ll be capable of working. Once an assessment has taken place, your DES provider will then work with you to get you prepared for work and to find you a suitable job position.

In Conclusion

While there can be more obstacles to overcome in your job hunt, there are a lot of opportunities for disabled employment seekers in Australia, and your chances of landing the job you want might be higher than you think.

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