When to Start Preparing for the IIT JEE Exam?

When to Start Preparing for the IIT JEE Exam?

Getting admission in an IIT College is a dream of every aspiring engineer. But only few are able to pursue this dream. The reason is, the IIT JEE exam is among one of the toughest competitive exams in India. This exam is conducted once in a year and lakhs of students appear for this exam. In the race of getting admission in their own choice of IIT institute and interested branch, students start early preparation for JEE exam. But the question arises here in students’ minds: when should they start preparing? Well, we hope that through this article you will get to know the answer.

For clearing the IIT JEE exam, students must have a thorough knowledge of Math, Physics and Chemistry subjects in 11th and 12th standard. Moreover, it’s a bonus point if students have clear concepts of Math and Science till class 10 as well. The data reveal that students who scored high marks in the JEE exam have started their preparation at early stages. Some of them even started preparing from Class 8th onwards. But they all are clear about their career goals.

Students can also refer to the NCERT textbook as the official syllabus of IIT JEE is almost similar to the NCERT syllabus. The solution of textbook questions is provided by NCERT. For example, solutions for Maths, Science, NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English, etc.

What is the right time to start the preparation?

As the entry to IIT has become tougher therefore we are mentioning a few points that will give you a clear understanding of why to start preparation at a young age.

  1. Utilize your time: Till class 9th there is not much pressure on students for studies. So, students can utilize this time to study the things related to their area of interest. They can even practice questions from the NCERT textbook and then refer to the NCERT solutions.
  2. Build up concepts: Instead of memorizing the topics students should focus on learning and building up the concepts. If the concepts of k-12 are stronger than students don’t have to join any coaching classes they can prepare by themselves. However, to master mathematics, students should solve questions from different resources. If students get stuck somewhere then they can refer to RD Sharma Solution Class 9. They should try to discover the easiest way of solving the Math problems.
  3. Ability to learn quickly: In primary classes students have a sharp mind. They grasp the concepts and learn things quickly. Therefore, utilize this energy positively to build up your career.
  4. Participate in Olympiads: Students preparing for IIT JEE should also participate in Olympiads. Students will feel motivated. Infact, some similar questions of IIT JEE are asked in Olympiads. Students will get a competitive edge to beat their peers and classmates.

The Bottom Line

It’s good to start the preparation from an early age. But do not put pressure on yourself. Learn things in an interesting and fun-loving way. Make your learning a happy journey and not a burden on you. Learning never goes to waste, it always teaches you something new and increases your knowledge.

Starting early for IIT JEE exam preparation will help students to crack the exam without taking much pressure. The IIT JEE syllabus is vast so starting it early will give students enough time for revision as well as practise. Revision and constant practise will benefit them at the time of exam. Also, take help of the essential study materials available for IIT JEE preparation. Aspirants can also take help of textbook of NCERT and NCERT solutions available class wise, chapter wise and subject wise. For example, solutions of Class 9 Chapter In the Kingdom of Fools, etc.

Students can start preparing for IIT at an early age without joining any foundation course with the help of educational apps. One of the apps that is mostly preferred by students is BYJU’S app. Download the app from the play store or app store for watching interesting Math and science videos. It will enrich your learning experience and make you fall in love with learning.

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