With Personal Loan You Can Manage Your Year-End Crunch. Know Here How?

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The actual truth about exigencies is that they mostly come unannounced. They may arise from an accident, health problem, unanticipated home repair, unplanned wedding expenses, etc. Another fact is that unanticipated exigencies can happen to nearly anyone. Your savings might be put under great pressure and if you do not hold the cash on hand to meet the expenses, you may be compelled to avail a loan. Nonetheless, it can be tough to quickly take up a huge amount of loan from your relatives and pals. What would you do in such a scenario?

Financial institutions have highly evolved over the past few years which has resulted in the set-up of various new financial personal loan apps in the market like Stashfin personal loan, NIRA, Cashe, Money View, etc. Especially in times of financial need, a personal loan has evolved in popularity as a simple way to get credit. Let’s go deep into and understand what a personal loan is and how it can be advantageous during a cash crunch.

A personal loan is an unsecured credit option that you can take up from financial institutions or banks without putting up any type of security or collateral. Such loans are basically approved instantly and can be used to cover any unanticipated personal financial exigencies. Instant personal loans can be availed to cover various unforeseen expenses, repay existing debts, make home repairs, consolidate debt, travel abroad, etc. Unlike other secured credit options in the market, you are totally free to use the funds for any reason and purpose.

How Can A Personal Loan Assist You To Manage The Financial Crunch?

A personal loan endows you access to exigency funds that go way beyond your monthly earnings and can be utilised to cover unanticipated expenditures. A personal loan is a suitable credit option for you as a borrower if you are in requirement of quick cash owing the features like a simple application process, no need for security, quick approval, and fast disbursal, usually on the same day of placing the application for a personal loan. Mentioned here are some of the important parameters that make a personal loan one of the best options in cases of financial issues –

Quick Access

Quick accessibility to a personal loan is an important benefit. Many lenders have a very simple application procedure that this generally digital in nature. For example, at Stashfin personal loan, it usually takes just a few minutes to get the required funds if you qualify the lender’s eligibility criteria. As you can apply for the personal loan option online from the comfort of anywhere whether office or home, this comes across as a benefit as in times of financial emergencies or any medical exigency, you can avoid visiting the lender’s branch multiple times. This allows you to solely concentrate on the financial exigency and less worry about visiting the lender various times for filling out the form, submitting the documents and others.

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Instant Loan Approval

If all the conditions linked with personal loan eligibility are met, approval is given instantly. Personal loan application is typically processed in a few business hours by financial institutions. Note that every valid personal loan application meeting the criteria of the lender is approved and processed within a few hours in the case of pre-approved or instant loans. However, in the case of regular personal loans, the approval is done within 2-7 days. Note that as instant or pre-approved loan approval takes place more quickly than regular personal loans, the levied interest on instant loans too may be higher than on regular personal loans.

How To Get A Personal Loan - Requirements For a Personal Loan

Security Or Collateral-Free

Many of you may find it tough to put up any collateral or asset during the loan application process. Banks and other reputable lenders offer an unsecured personal loan with zero requirements to provide any security or collateral. If all the needs are met on time, you may be handed the loan proceeds with zero restrictions on how to use the same.

Flexible Loan Repayment Plans

It generally takes some time to recover from the financial exigency or disruption. Thus, repaying the loan in lumpsum in such a tough scenario may not be easy on your feet. However, many lenders today provide the client with the choice to choose the most suitable repayment option depending on the financial condition, which can assist you in better budgeting. Note that, a personal loan is a desirable option for you as a borrower and thanks to such flexible repayment options that range anywhere between 1 and 6 years that you can easily meet the loan EMI timely and full. You can also make use of an online personal loan EMI calculator to select a preferred repayment tenure as per your budget and repayment potential.

High Sanction Loan Amount

Without putting any security or collateral, you as a borrower can get a personal loan from banks and NBFCs for a sum of up to 40 lakhs. However, note that before providing you with the required loan funds, lenders usually tend to check your credit report and through this report, try and understand your credit score, your past credit behaviour, your past repayment record, etc. Also, they ask you to mention your monthly income and any obligations that you are serving. So, all these parameters are extremely important to be on the positive end to avail the loan proceeds instantly without much delay and in a hassle-free way.

Attractive Rate Of Interest

You as a customer can get an unsecured personal loan from lenders providing a competitive rate of interest. Applicants hold a wide range of options to select from, permitting you to pick the personal loan with the best conditions and rate of interest. While personal loans come with a higher rate of interest than secured credit options, they typically have a lower interest rate than loans against credit card options. A personal loan with a lower rate of interest can be one of the best alternatives for repaying your credit card dues.

Zero Restriction On The End Usage

A personal loan comes with zero usage restriction, unlike a car loan or home loan. You can use such exigency funds the manner you want to, which is very useful in specific situations. For example, during a healthcare exigency, you must pay for the medication, transportation, hospital bill and accommodation in a distinct location. Clearly, getting the freedom for making use of the loan proceeds in any way comes across as a big benefit.

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