Review: Trading with Exante

Overview of Exante

Exante is a professional broker company that provides instant access to a wide range of financial instruments through one single multi-currency and multi-asset solution. Established in 2011, Exante was founded by Alexey Kirienko, Gatis Eglitis, and Anatoly Knyazev Exante. It is licensed by CySEC (Cyprus), FCA (UK), and SFC (Hong Kong). It provides its clients with instant access to more than 50 financial markets in the US, Europe, Asia, and Australia through its trading platform. It is dedicated to professional traders, asset managers, brokers, banks, and other financial institutions. Clients benefit from the manual service for trading OTC bonds and exotics, shorting, cross margining, margin trading, and more than 600,000 instruments accessible from a single account. Exante provides different markets, including stocks, ETFs, metal, funds, options, bonds and currencies.

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Benefits of Trading with Exante Excel Integration

Investors do not need superior programming skills to make sure they access the best reporting for their trading activity. With Exante’s Excel integration on their trading platform, traders will be able to create and apply algorithms of unrestrained complexity as much as they want. Additionally, they will generate custom reports for your clients, leverage Excel’s in-built capabilities to analyze market data, and develop and test financial strategies against the real market.

Direct Market Access

Exante offers direct market access to more than 600,000 assets and 50 global venues. Through direct market access, you can place orders directly on the exchange and have them executed at the best possible price.The DMA solution will help you see the bug picture prices to make logic, date driven decisions.


Investors can also trade assets without switching between multiple accounts at Exante, as it offers 600K+ instruments that can be bought and sold from one multi-currency account. They also enable margin trading for all assets with transparent and competitive costs. Additionally, traders can access over 50 global markets, including exchanges in the United States, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

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Bonds are one of the important services provided by professional trading platforms. It is like an all-in-one package for professional traders. Investors are given access to margin trading, hedges, and high-capacity private placement bonds.  You can choose between Exante’s top tiers, which are US Corporate/Government, European Corporate/Government, and Euronext next Bonds. Emerging markets: EMEA, APAC, CIS. Exotic bonds are available upon request.

Compliance and Audits

It is natural that all investors look for professional brokers who are trusted and reliable. One of the most noticeable aspects about adherence to the law. Exante adheres to the MiFID II directive which segregates Exante’s assets from the client. In other words,the client’s funds are securely storedin one of the agreed accounts. Moreover, the solidity of the financial standing at Exante ensures reliability as it holds $60 million in equity and $1.6 billion in assets under management. Exante’s clients choose the authority that is suitable for them because of the global licenses from SFC (Hong Kong) and CySEC that Exante holds.

Customer Support

Responsive customer service is vital to any investor. Most traders understand that they are bound to have questions that need to be addressed. One of the most remarkable aspect about Exante is that it offers 24/7 customer support. It is vital for clients to be able to reach out in case they have specific inquiries, orissuesYou needn’t worry about language because they have a diverse team that speaks 10 languages: English, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese and otherlanguages. It is possible to reach out to customer support through phone or email.


Exante provides investorswith different services from trading multiple financial instruments through one account to guaranteeing security and privacy to its clients. Exante’s multi-currency trading platform gives family offices access to several trades, including stocks, ETFs, bonds, futures, options, funds, currencies, and metals. By doing that, traders can explore these trades without having to switch between different accounts. This makes the trading process much easier for investors to switch from one financial instrument to another. Additionally, it helps traders to diversify their portfolios.

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